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Leading People through Change
In order to be successful in today’s fast-paced business world, a company and its leaders must be ready to embrace change.   As the old saying goes, change is the only thing you can count on – it is so integrated into business that there’s no question of its validity. But why is it, then, that many organizations struggle with change? The answer is in how they introduce change to their employees and how they carry out the entire change process.
Every leader has the skills necessary to achieve a successful transition. They just need to learn how to implement those skills using the key strategies for leading people, including themselves, through change. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the techniques that will strengthen both your leadership abilities and your organization’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. We’ll start by laying the groundwork for what leadership and change really mean, like the following topics:  The essence of skillful leadership; The difference between change and transition, and why it matters; How change and leadership work together;  Properly setting the stage for change in order to have a smooth transition; Encouraging unity and open communication.  
Making Meetings Work
When you think about the next business meeting on your agenda, what thoughts come to mind? If you’re like most people, you’re familiar with these reactions: “Oh brother, I have another meeting to go to” and “when am I ever going to get my work done?” The sentiments about meetings are unanimously negative, but they don’t have to be that way. If you want to know how meetings can work for you instead of against you, this workshop was designed for you.
The truth is, successful organizations can’t afford to have meetings that are unproductive and take up more than enough time. Since the average company spends 15% of its personnel budget on meetings, there is a significant amount of money at stake. Not to mention that unproductive meetings also cost meeting-goers their most valuable resource – time. The answer is to make your meetings as effective as they can be. Effective meetings don’t happen by accident but require careful thought, preparation, and discipline. In this workshop you’ll learn: What’s wrong with most meetings; Why meetings are important; How to measure whether a meeting is successful; Comprehensive steps for organizing a meeting; How to create and utilize an agenda and minutes; What you need to know when attending a meeting; The different types of meetings and their processes; Don’t waste another minute of your valuable time in an unproductive meeting.  See how your meetings can be more successful and efficient and yield tremendous long-term results!
Hiring for the 21st Century:   How to Find, Hire, and Retain Great People!
Little time and attention is paid to the hiring process.  Too much haste in finding the right people for the right positions can result in endless headaches. A customer service employee hired in a rush may end up alienating a number of customers before it is discovered that she doesn’t get along well with people. Or, a new manager of a distribution center may lose money for the company because he was hired for a job he couldn’t handle.
You’ll learn how to attract the best applicant for the job, how to hire that applicant, and how to avoid common mistakes made in the hiring process. There are many hurdles to encounter in the hiring process, and this workshop will help you conquer those hurdles with ease.  We’ll give you a detailed look at how to:  Evaluate your corporate culture and use it to attract the right people;  Write a job description – a necessary step; Involve employees in sharing recruiting ideas and telling others about openings; Choose and create the appropriate recruiting literature for your needs;  Establish a process for conducting interviews; Follow up after interviews and negotiate compensation.
Mastering the Art of Time Management:  Proven Strategies for Raising Productivity   
Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Does the clock seem to jump ahead while your productivity lags behind? In today’s day and age, this is commonplace. Most of us feel like we need more time, but we never seem to find it.  Discover how to rearrange the time you already have by taking it away from non-productive activities and adding it to productive ones. This workshop will show you, step by step, how to make that valuable time and raise productivity.
We’ll show you how to organize your life and take control of the hours in your day, all while keeping the right perspective about the things that are important. Want to know what you’ll learn? We’ll show you how to: Organize your work space; Create a master list to prioritize your work; Use a daily planner to track projects and allocate time for each one; Control appointments that seem to steal all of your time; Manage meetings and conversations; Communicate efficiently via voice mail and e-mail;  Write memos, business plans, etc. quickly and clearly  
We know you’ll agree, this workshop is time well spent. After this session you’ll be prepared to start your journey toward a simpler life – one in which you control your time, instead of it controlling you.
Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style
Managers have incredible influence.  Their strengths can empower and energize the people who work for them.  And of course their limitations can trickle down to create frustration, confusion, or even paralysis for those they manage.  This program gives managers a safe, fun way to understand the strengths and challenges that they bring to the table.  They gain a greater appreciation for the impact that their behavior has on others, and they discover how others may respond to their style.  The goal of this program is to learn how to leverage their management strengths, enabling both managers and their employees to be more effective. 
Collaborative Skills for Teams
More than likely, we’ve all had to work with people who were quite different than us.  Sometimes it’s frustrating.  But have you ever worked on a team where people have learned to deal with their differences?  Where conflict and miscommunication are reduced, meetings have a purpose, and time is managed efficiently?  The goal of this program is to reconcile the inherent differences of team members to help you create an engaged, collaborative team.
Capitalizing on Team Talents
Have you ever worked on a team where everyone is doing what they enjoy and making the very best use of their talents?  A team where people just seem to “get” each other, projects make real progress and everyone is glad to be on the team?  The goal of this program is to help you create this kind of engaged, high-functioning team.
DiSC –Powered Selling
We probably all had selling experiences where we just didn’t click with the customer.  More often than not, this apparent lack of chemistry has caused us to lose the sale.  But what if we could always identify and adapt to the differences in customers, reduce the likelihood of miscommunication and lost sales, and develop positive relationships with all types of customers?  The goal of this program is to help participants understand their own selling tendencies and their customers’ needs so that they can adapt when needed for better results.
Improving Your Listening Skills
Have you ever noticed how good it feels when someone really listens to you?  When we’re listened to, our feelings and needs are taken into account, we’re more relaxed and open, and we feel we can achieve our objectives.  The goal of this program is to help participants get these kinds of results when communicating with others.
Conflict Management: A DiSC-Based Approach
Conflict can tear a team apart, so it is crucial that the problems be resolved before they take over a group.  A DiSC-Based Approach is a straightforward program that helps people develop the understanding and self-awareness necessary to resolve interpersonal conflict.  In addition to helping people learn how to work through conflict on an individual basis, the program offers a strong foundation for resolving issues within an entire team.  The program builds important skills that are necessary for effective communication and teamwork.
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