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Our Mission
We want to learn about you.  Your issues and your desired outcomes. We help build great organizations by helping individuals maximize their potential.  Our clients rave about how we help them hire, develop and retain the very best people for their organizations.  Our clients also refer us to others to help with strategic planning, training, workshops; executive coaching; health and wellness programs that fully engage an individual’s knowledge, skills, and talents to help them meet their goals.  Perhaps we can help you.........

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"I've been receiving very important feedback from the Step One SurveyTM screening program. It has enabled me to learn insightful information prior to employment about an individual’s attitudes as they relate to honesty/integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic that ordinarily wouldn't be discovered until after someone is employed – then it's too late! Also, the direct admission portion provides open-ended interview questions that make the interview more structured and effective."

Judie Posner
Human Resources Manager
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