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Strategic Planning Preparation Worksheet

Strategic Planning Preparation Worksheet


  1. Past Planning Efforts:

?  What worked well?

?  What could have been improved?


  1. What benefits do you want to see from this planning effort?


  1. Organizations usually develop in two different areas; systems and people.

What do you think are the top people development areas?


  1. What are the top three lessons learned for your organization over the past year?


  1. What are the top three organizational priorities for the next year?


  1. What are the most important principles and values for your organization to follow?


  1. SWOTT:

?  Identify the top internal Strengths that your organization has:

?  Identify the top internal Weaknesses that your organization has:

?  Identify the top external Opportunities that your organization has:

?  Identify the top external Threats that your organization has:

?  Identify the top Trends in your organization?s industry:

?  What actions might you use to maximize/minimize these items?


  1. Who are your competitors in this industry?  Do they have any SWOTTs that jump out?


  1. Who are your allies in this industry?  SWOTTs?


  1. Based on the answers to the questions listed above, write a couple of paragraphs that summarizes the current state of affairs for your organization.


  1. What are the key indicators of performance for your organization?


  1. What quantitative information do you have on your industry?


  1. Identify and clearly define the products and/or services you provide.

?  Who is your customer for each of these services (market segments)?

?  Give a brief paragraph explanation for each.

?  How can you do a better job of understanding and meeting those needs?









Jon Morse, MBA, is Managing Director of   He can be reached at 877/493-7132 or e-mail

Strategic Planning Process



1.     Organization

?  Who will be involved (in each of these steps)?

?  What is the scope of the effort?

?  When will the various steps be completed?

?  Why are we working this process now?

?  Pre-work research and assignments

?  Recorder and document

?  Meeting logistics/agenda

?  Approval/coordination process

?  Plan Format:  Executive summary, Mission/vision/value statements, History, Organizational profile, Situation analysis, Goals/strategies, Service levels or measurements, Staffing, financial resources, Key success measures, Implementation plan and Monitoring indicators.



2.     Situation Analysis

?  Existing information (history, current strategic planning instrument, reports, etc.)

?  Questionnaires

?  Key supporting material and/or presentations

?  Worksheets (pre-work)

?  Literature review?

?  Competitors and allies



3.     Set Direction (vision)

?  Critical Issues

?  Scenario approach

?  Goals

?  Alignment



4.     Refine and Adopt the Plan

?  Reactions

?  Likes, dislikes

?  How to strengthen or improve?

?  Risks

?  Presentation (October Board Meeting)



5.     Implement the Plan

?  Staff and other resources

?  Specific Action Plan with timelines and OPR

?  Develop Dashboard



Monitor the Plan (dashboard)





Jon Morse, MBA, is Managing Director of   He can be reached at 877/493-7132 or e-mail

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